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When people gather at an altitude of 1,300 meters, remarkable things happen. Your vision clears and obstacles shrink. This is the secret to why St. Anton am Arlberg is renowned as a group and meeting destination.

Located in the Austrian Tyrol and home to one of the world’s favorite alpine destinations, St. Anton is the perfect setting for a variety of events, including meetings, trade fairs, fashion shows, exhibitions, sporting events and concerts. Step outside your door and crisp mountain air fills your lungs, blue sky touches the mountain tops and the bright sun warms your heart. You're in St. Anton, a winter wonderland and a summer escape offering activities and adventures for travelers of all ages.

The ARLBERG-well.com Convention Center is the resort’s showcase facility, offering flexible meeting, exhibit and function space. The Center was built as part of the preparations for the 2001 World Alpine Ski Championships, where it served as Press and Media Center.